Friday, August 13, 2010

Homeschoolers on the Go: Lots of fun on the go journal from MudPuppy Review

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 I don't know about you but as a home school family we are on the go way more than I ever anticipated, field trips, play dates, co-op, library, and then the regular family life stuff like grocery shopping, bank, doctor appointments and any other errands I need to do. This often leads to bored children on the go  and unfortunately sometimes lean towards letting the kids use their handheld video games to keep the peace in the car. That was until I stumbled on http://www.mudpuppy.com/ they have many fun products that are portable and will keep the kids happy on the the abundance of car trips you as a home school family need to endure in the day to day scheme of things. We were given 2 copies, one for Alyx and another for Taylor of the Lots of fun on the go Journals from Mudpuppy.
  These handy journals are great to keep in our new travel happy bag that is left in the car chock full of neat finds I have found over this summer, I will share more of them later on. They are sturdy, spiral bound books just over flowing with puzzles, and games and even brainstorming ideas for stories and other fun things to keep the kids occupied. The peace has been restored to our "school bus" mini van. http://www.mudpuppy.com/ has other neat journals like this too, there are so many to chose from, Kids travel journal to keep track of all of your family's vacations, A totally me interactive journal and a few more, browse their site and check them all out. They also have many other fun items that are unlike any I have found in local stores here. I will be keeping them in mind for future purchases and gifts for that hard to by for person.

The thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own. I have not been compensated in any way. I was simply provided with a free sample so I could review and form my own opinion.

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