Thursday, August 12, 2010

Home School Room Half Way Done

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We spent the last 2 days packing up stuff that did not belong in our classroom, painting a book case and starting to organize the supplies we have been buying since June . We want to paint the walls but with no A/C the humidity is just too high right now. SO that will have to wait. Hope to be all done by tomorrow.

This is our Curriculum Area so far

Our New Green Bookcase, we rescued it from our neighbor's trash and gave it a face lift, the bookcase has extra supplies like notebooks, computer paper, folders and our tool boxes

The white draws on the left house craft materials and some scrapbooking stuff, the white draws and cubbies straight ahead have school supplies like crayons, markers,pencils,erasers and such, the colored drawers straight and to the left is my sewing cart, and to the left of that is my rolling scrapbook paper cart

Our new "class pets" Midnight and Butterscotch our baby bunnies

middle right is my scrapbooking shelves, finished scrapbooks, works in progress,and some misc. supplies, the black shelving unit on the right is our deal from Craigslist, it hold all of our learning games, hands on projects and reading books

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