Monday, August 23, 2010

A day in the life of Fresh Start Academy Not Back to School Blog Hop Week 4

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   So today marks the last week in this great Blog Hop of Not Back to School Home Schoolers, but today also marked a very important day in our home school and family. Our first day of Not Back to School for the new school year 2010-2011.
   We try very hard to run a smooth schedule for all of our sakes, it is flexible within certain  limits but we try to finish by Noon everyday. We also will not be doing school on Thursdays come the end of September as that is when our Co-Op starts and we will be in classrooms all afternoon so we use the mornings to chill and do errands since that is also Daddy's payday. We also treat ourselves to a Lunch out on our way to Enrich, our Co-Op. We try to find some where new each week to eat at, now new to us necessarily but new in the fact we do not like to eat the same thing each week. We try to be adventurous.
    The rest of our days are spent as such

    Take my hubby to work at 6 AM which means leaving the house by 530 AM sometimes they throw  a curve at us and he has to be there at 4 AM or  5 AM if this is the case I come home and go back to sleep for a bit, but on average he starts at 6 so I come home and get my computer time in facebook,blogging,online banking, or sending off pitches for reviews. Or I may read a book in peace and quiet until the house starts stirring.
   My oldest son Nick gets up at 6:45 to get ready to head off to the Public School. He is starting High School this year.
  Then at 7:20 I drive him to school since it is a little farther away than the Middle School.
By the time I return home the boys are up and working on their morning chores, sweeping the kitchen, making sure the dining room table is clear of anything that does not belong, vacuuming the living room and hallway. Making sure their bedroom is tidy, floor picked up, laundry in the hamper, and beds made. Also the bathroom gets a once over to make sure things are in their proper places, laundry, shower towels, and toiletries. They also take their medicine before the start of school. Breakfast is usually eaten in our School Room.
    We start school usually at 8 AM
8 AM Bible and Prayer and our daily devotional.
830 AM Writing/Newspaper project
900 Social Studies
930 Math
1000 Lapbooking project
1030 Science
1100 Language Arts/Reading  15 minutes on a grammar lesson and 15 minutes silent reading
1130 Music/Art
Noon Lunch

  The above times may be altered slightly depending on what we are working on that day. The boys also have 30 minutes of silent reading and 30 minutes of research on the computer each day that they can do at their leisure. Computer research is used to find information about an approved topic that they will be lapbooking about. A new topic will be picked every month at the beginning and it will be due at the end of that month.
   We are also starting a School Newspaper this year and that will be a big part of our Writing and Language Arts studies.

  After Lunch we leave to go do errands, pick up Daddy at work, pick up Nick at school and anything else that needs to be done like Dr Appts. and such. Then it is home for Nick to do his homework, Dinner to be started and family activities. Such as Youth Group/Church on Wednesdays and anything else that may come up. They also have time to socialize with their friends,in by 730PM  then it is shower and bed time by 930 PM.

We do go to the Library every Monday and Enrich every Thursday. We try to do one field trip every other week either on Tuesdays or Wednesdays if possible. I try to make the field trips tie into our studies as much as possible.

So there you have it a Day in the Life of Fresh Start Academy Students

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