Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bag It Reduce* Reuse*Recycle* Review and Discount

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   Making a conscious effort to be a greener family and home school, is our number one goal these days, Our Science/Bible studies this year are Step up and Go Green for Jesus, so we are trying to incorporate as many eco friendly products into our daily lives as possible. Even as a home school family we still find the need to pack lunches to go on field trips, park days and even co-op. We have vowed not to buy any unnecessary plastic ziplocs or paper lunch bags, and it is sometimes to cumbersome to take plastic storage containers. So what do you ask we use instead, well reusable lunch and snack bags from great companies like Bag It. Bag it is a wonderful little Etsy shop that sells handmade reusable lunch items made by Lizzy Lenk. I was sent the cutest school themed bag for my review, it is bright and colorful. It is sewn perfectly, with heavy duty Velcro closures and it is lined with washable rip-stop nylon. It is perfectly sized to fit the heartiest of sandwiches, or a healthy snack. Eco friendly and machine washable. You need to line dry it but hey that is helping the environment as well, so no big deal there.   So why don't you do your part to help save our planet, your child's future may depend on it, and buy your very own Bag Its today and save 10% off your order when you mention my post and tell her you were sent by the Fresh Start Academy Home School. DISCOUNT ENDS SUNDAY AUGUST 9,2010 You will feel so much better knowing you are helping to be GREEN!!

Here is another cute school pattern Bag It from Lizzy's Etsy Shop

I was not compensated for this review and did not make any monetary gain from dealing with this company, I was simply provided a sample by http://www.etsy.com/shop/Bagitconscious  in exchange for my review which contained my own opinions, whether good or bad.

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