Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Winners and update

Pin It Now! I want to apologize for dropping off the face of the blog, As many of you know my area has been hit with a terrible heat wave that is above normal temps and humidity and I having MS do not tolerate heat at all and we do not have central air, it has left me with no energy and I have been trying to go and do things with the kids where there is air conditioning involved, the good news is it looks as if tomorrow is the last day for this extreme heat, so I will be hopefully back to my old self any day
I feel bad as I have not posted the winners from last weeks giveaways so I am at McD's in their somewhat airconditioned building enjoying a sweet tea and using my laptop, it is not very cool in here either though so I am staying long enough to post the winners for you all and then returning home to pick up my kids and take them to see a movie at our $1 movie theater
I promise as soon as the temps drop back to the low 80's friday I will start posting some giveaways.

                 So here is what I am sure you all have been waiting for Winnners , winners and more winners.

                      Winner of the Staphaseptic Giveaway is #15

The winner of the Balloonatiks DVD collector's edition is #14

The winner of the NoodleHead Jelly Flyers set is #2


The winner of the NoodleHead Travel Buddies is #16
ASHLEY  again You were lucky today

Thanks for entering check back soon for new giveaways and also the winners from the giveaways ending tonight at 10 PM EST

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