Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Outlast Hand Sanitizer MomSelect Party

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 Having special needs children, I am always on the lookout for ways to help control the spread of germs, so when I was given the opportunity to hose a Outlast Hand Sanitizer Mommy Party, I was so intrigued to give this new sanitizer a run for its money and test it out on my friends and their kids. Who better than children to put germ barriers to the test. It does not matter how hard you try kids will try to spread germs and after the terrible rounds of influenza that raged through all of our families this past winter I was beginning to think there was no hope in sight to keep the germs at bay. Alas I was wrong there is now a great product called Outlast and it last up to 6 hours to help keep the spreading of germs from occurring. What I liked even better was that it was not a gel like most hand sanitizers that really only protect you or your kids for a few minutes, this was a liquid type that felt as smooth as water and left our hands feeling smooth, not fry or irritated. Even Taylor with all his skin issues did not have one problem with the formula of this product, that sold me almost immediately,because he cannot tolerate many items on the market in this category.
  My friends and I got together one afternoon and let the kids play and then put the outlast to the test when it came time for lunch and let me tell you, there were cheers all around. All the moms were impressed and the kids did not complain that it was nasty feeling like they usually do with the competitors sanitizing gel.
  Because we had the party at the park I let the moms know there was a video HERE they could watch when they got home to learn more about Outlast and they also got to take home a goody bag with some Outlast of their own. They were thrilled. They also got to fill out a card to receive offers from Outlast and to be entered into a drawing for a $100 handbag. What mom doesn't want a chance to win a new handbag, I know I do.

You too can get a free bottle of Outlast by just paying the shipping right now on their site. www.outlastgerms.com/moms

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Margaret Ritsch said...

Dear Jenn:

I’m so glad you had fun at your Mommy Party for OutLast Long-Lasting Hand Sanitizer! Thanks so much for also posting your thoughts about the product. Happy end of summer to you and your family!


Margaret Ritsch
for OutLast and Healthpoint,Ltd.