Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and a July 1st Spectacular sale for you

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After only homeschooling for a short time, I stumbled upon The old School house magazine and online store, they have proved to be invaluable to me as a home school mom. I love their magazine, it gives me inspiration when I feel like giving up and also points me to other wonderful resources.  My favorite piece of mail is The old school house magazine. I dive right into it the minute I get my hands onto it, I am always excited to see what new tips and tricks they have to offer and also the ads that they have for all the neat home school resources.
Well I am excited to share the following sale with you !!

1776 was a spectacular year, and it's a smashing, save-more-money price! Grab your subscription to The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine during their four-day Fourth of July sale, and check out the craziest price on July 1 only! Supplies are limited on the July 1 deal. U.S. and Canadian residents. July 2 through July 4 the unprecedented savings continue. The sparks are flying at TOS Magazine . . . join in the celebration and savings! Get the details here.

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Jessica - Mom of all Trades said...

Because I think your blog is so awesome, I'm passing on a bloggy award to you! Go to Mom of all Trades ~ Award for YOU to pick it up!

Fresh Start Academy said...

Thank You so much Jessica
I am honored