Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Birthday Surprise

Pin It Now!     As many of you know I belong to a Red Hat group, I am no where near 50 so I am a Pink Hatter instead, I joined this group a couple of years ago and I have made the best friends possible in this wonderful group of ladies. They accept me for who I am and are there for me whenever I may need them. There are a few of us from the group that are much closer than the rest and they are like an extended part of my family. We do tons of stuff together and just have fun. I am so glad to have found them, well anyway back to my story, enough gushing on, LOL.
   My son Alyx in recent months has been elected our Resident Chapter Baker, he loves to cook and bake, so for all of our luncheons he makes dessert whether it be cupcakes or cake for a Birthday lunch or if there are no monthly birthdays he makes up something else special, well this month there were no birthdays to celebrate so My dear friend Kim, who happens to be our Queen set it up so he would be the Guest of Honor for this months luncheon since it was his Birthday and we would celebrate and make him the center of attention to Thank Him for all of his hard work being our Baker, so this month was my month to actually host, and just so happens before I knew he was coming I picked his favorite restaurant to dine at, it is our whole family's favorite actually ShoGun. It is a Japanese steak house and they cook right at the table and put on a little show, they have the best food and it is close by.
   So he had no clue untilt hat morning that he was even going anywhere let alone lunch with us, because he knows  no kids, no men when it is my day out with my Hatter sisters, So I told him early that morning he was being dropped off on my way to lunch, when we pulled up he was like "wait, I am going to the same place you are for Lunch?'' he was confused to say the least. Well I had to let him in on the Surprise and he was so excited, so he helped me set up the tables with the favors and we waited for the gang to arrive, everyone made a BIG deal out of him being there and it made him feel extra special.
    They "sang" Happy Birthday to him, we do not sing we use Kazoos which he thought was so funny, and some of the ladies even blew bubbles in his honor, they presented him with a card from the Whole gang with $20 in it, he thought he had truly died and gone to Heaven. He is using it this week to buy souvenirs at camp, he even printed them up a Thank You card right away and I gave it to Kim the other night, she is going to present it to the group at our next lunch.  Here are some pictures to share from the Lunch.

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Oka said...

How sweet was that. I love how they showed their appreciation.

Anonymous said...

Very cool.