Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Trying to figure this all out

Pin It Now!     Well let's start with the exciting news, I was accepted as a Blogmania 2010 Blogger I am so excited. I am working hard on getting sponsors for some awesome giveaways for you all. So stay tuned.
  Also please take my New button located on the right for my first ever blog event starting August 1st and running the whole month. It is a BACK TO SCHOOL BLOG BASH featuring great products for those kids going back to school or those of us home school families that chose NOT to go back to school. Something for both sides of the fence so to speak.
   Now for the not so exciting stuff.
I have been strugling with how to run things around here and I am a little overwhelmed, I thought making a schedule where things happened at the same time all the time would be better, when in reality life around here is always chaotic and it has in result put more pressure on me. I love to write reviews and offer you all giveaways but when I put pressure on myself to write them for a specific time I find myself with writers block. I need to go back to posting them sporadically, I actually produced more of them with the same or better quality when I was doing it the old way than I am now trying to batch them out all at once.
  SO since I did not get much feedback about it either way I am doing it the way that works best for me and my family. SO tomorrow there will be a couple and then I will put more up here and there through out the week from now on. No pressure, happier me and a more productive me
 I hope it does not upset anyone but I want this to stay fun and feeling pressure to produce reivews at a certain day and time was taking the fun out of it and I do not want to get burn out.
So signing off for tonight. The winners for the giveaways ending tonight will get posted some time tomorrow.

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Katrina said...

definitely post when you see fit...no schedules needed around blog land :)

Katrina said...

I know you didn't ask but I thought I would make a suggestion.

You should really make a fan page for your blog on facebook instead of having us "friend you." I only say this because that way you can keep your personal friends separate from your blog and vice versus for the follower. Then we can share and suggest your facebook fan page to others. It is what most the blogs out there do and I think it works well.

I hope you didn't take this the wrong way only a suggestion. I think your blog looks great and I can't get over how awesome your graphics and layout are.

Fresh Start Academy said...

I actually do have a facebook fan page if you click on the facebook icon on my right sidebar it will take you there
I thought I had changed my entry guidelines to reflect it but I guess not Thanks for pointing it out
Things have been so nuts I did not even catch it
Thank you for all the compliments on my blog I could not have done it with out the help of Rocio of Mamipictures

Katrina said...

Thanks, I only saw the facebook link in the giveaway entry stuff or I would have totally "liked" your blog sooner.