Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Surprise 90th Birthday Party and other Exciting things

Pin It Now! So my Grandma is turning 90 on June 28th and we threw her a Surprise Party at my parents house on Sunday this past weekend. She was so happy and excited to see many people that she has not seen in a long time, it was also sad since some of our family from out of town could not make it but it was still nice they sent cards and gifts to let them know they wished they could have been there. We were so busy last week with all the last minute party details, food shopping, decorating, my Mom and my Grandma's friend Marge took Grandma Saturday to get her hair done and out to lunch, it was non stop, and not that it is any less busy this week as it is Nick's last day of Public School tomorrow for the Summer, and we have awards ceremonies in the AM and then probably out to Lunch and then this weekend we are having a Big Backyard BBQ to kick off the Summer with all of our friends and family. It will be our first BB in our own HOME. We are so excited and have been working so hard on all the finishing touches to the house, and yard. We were picked as a House Party Host to Throw an Oscar Mayer Thrill of the Grill House Party and it was perfect timing for a Kick of the Summer party. I will be sure to post pictures next week.
Here are some pictures from My Grandma's 90th Birthday Party last weekend.

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