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Bloggers Against Drunk Driving Pledge To Stay Sober & Alive

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The Department of Transportation has asked American bloggers to spotlight the critical importance of staying sober behind the wheel this Independence Day. I am very against drinking and driving My friend was hit head on by a drunk motor cycle rider back about 10 yrs ago, she had just dropped me off at home and 5 minutes later called me hysterical to come take her to the hospital, her car was totaled and they picked glass out of her face for hours in the ER. The motorcycle guy was ejected from his cycle and landed in her windshield, the Police said the angle of her car, from trying to swerve, if I had been in the passenger seat I most likely would have been killed. I still have  a fear of speeding motorcycles, they make chills run down my spine. The Motorcyclist was killed on impact, 22 yrs old and the father of a 3 yr old. He was going over 100 miles an hour on the wrong side of the road on a motorcycle not made for American roads and had only had it a couple of days. Nothing is worth that, not a thing, God was watching out for us that night. Thankfully my friend only had minor physical injuries but the emotional scars will never heal, and that poor family that the young man left behind.  PleaseTHINK before you DRINK and then DRIVE. Always pick a designated driver who drinks NO ALCOHOL.

This also goes for all of you that text and drive. It's the same as being drunk. Nothing is that important that you can't pull over or wait until you get home. You probably say it won't happen to you because you know you are safe when you do it but it can happen to anyone. It only takes one split second for an accident to happen, and it is not your driving you have to worry about all the time either it is the other drivers.

Safe a life, Drive safe!

Together We Can Spread the Message

Stay Sober Stay Alive

July 4, 2010

1. Simply pledge your driving sobriety this Independence Day by noting your blog URL and blog name.

2. At the bottom of this “Blog Hop” you will see text in which you can grab the code for this McLinky. Simply click the link and copy and paste the code into your very own blog post’s HTML section. Then click “compose” and copy and paste this pledge, adding your own message to the top as I did above. Copy the pledge from “together we can stay alive” above.

3. Follow the host Hollywood Chic [-first on the linky-] of this Independence Day Pledge for more information on the Department of Transportation, Buzz Driving, and Stats.

Also an optional badge was created to spread greater awareness and linked to this pledge, please wear it proudly until July 5, 2010 when this pledge will close.

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