Friday, June 25, 2010

Another Non Stop Week for us.....

Pin It Now!   Any day now I just know life is going to slow down, yeah right who am I trying to kid. There is never a dull moment around here. Non stop all the time is the way of life for us, but I have told myself and the kids next week is a chill week with a little fun thrown in for good measure, and lots of catching up to do, blogging, housework, yard work, and going through the closets, when that is all done painting and carpeting the classroom and going through the curriculum from this year we will not be using. I did say a chill week, right? Well for us this is a chill schedule, no VBS which means much less car running around for me. So that is so less stressful than this past week.
  Let me rewind and take you back to last weekend, last Friday My Red Hat Sisters and I went to a Fairy Tea at the Octagon House,which is an octagon shaped house from the 1800's and it is so pretty and there are so many neat things to look at, they give tours as well and I think the kids and I will be taking a field trip there soon,  it was fun, but we all wished there had been a little more food, it was after all taking place at Dinner time, so after it was over we headed to grab a bite to eat, we were starved.

Then on Saturday we Hosted our Thrill of the Grill Oscar Mayer House Party courtesy of http://www.houseparty.com/, we were one of the families chosen to be a host and it was perfect timing as we thew a kick off the Summer backyard BBQ Bash with all of our friends and family, the kids even invited some of their new friends, the weather threatend rain right up until that very monring but the day could not have been more perfect, It was our first BBQ with friends at our New House too, so that made it even more special. Everyone had a great time, but we were so exhausted by the time everyone left we sat and did nothing the whole evening, thank goodness our BBQ started at NOON.

Sunday was Father's Day not too busy, Dave worked in the morning and then we went to my parent's for Dinner to celebrate.
Monday started the whirlwind, the boys attended not one but 2 VBS locations, one in the morning from 9:30 am to Noon and then the other after dinner at 6:30 until 8:45pm
Throw that in with Daves nutty schedule of 6 AM until 11 AM and I spent each morning running around playing Mom's Taxi. But it is so worth it because the kids not only love it, but learn God's Word and that is all so worth the chaos.
Wednesday night we ended up having to skip the evening VBS as the week had started to catch up to all of us, especially Alyx, so we layed low and stayed in.
Thursday was extra special as it was my Hubby and I's 15th Wedding Anniversary so along with the rest of the Crazy Schedule we went to Dinner to celebrate at Outback. 15 years it is so hard to believe in some ways time seems to be flying by and others it just stands still. We have been through so much over the years, both good and bad, but all of it has just made us that much stronger in the end. I would not trade a minute of any of it for anything in the world. 
 Then it was back to Taxi service, evening VBS and I got a much needed break away from the chaos from the Girls and I's monthly ladies night out at a local restaurant. They have good food, games and raffles, including a coach person each month and they also have a few vendors and a psychic. Well the one other thing that they do that is so nice is the local Salon comes in and picks random ladies that they thing need and deserve a makeover, it is E. Forlini Salon On Jefferson in SCS, well anyway they came and sat at our table and would you not have guessed they picked one of us for a makeover, but it ended up not being one of us, not even 2, or three but all 5 of us friends sitting at the table. WOW!! What an Anniversary present. I was so excited, so off we went wisked away down the street for a makeover and boy did I need one. Here is my before picture, I look awful.

Good Grief but wonders and magic and a little help and I got a new DO!! A Wash, Haircut, and Style and get this High Lights too and even got my eyebrows waxed and plucked all for the price of $10 the cost of my ticket to get into ladies night, Here is the end result.

Here are my friends and I sitting at our table before our Makeovers

And here we are after our wonderful makeovers

Thank You Liz and Crew at E Forlini Salon You are Awesome Ladies for what you did  for us.

Then last but not least the last day of VBS this morning  and it was fun, they had a little ceremony and the kids sang songs and there was a puppet skit set to a Bible Lesson and Awards and then Lunch I am very proud of my boys and their friends for all their hard work this week but especially Alyx as he came in 3rd place in this age group for most points earned by memorizing his verses and also bringing his friend and following theme days and so much more, for this he earned a $20 Meijer Gift Card
Way to Go
I also want to thank All of the Helpers and folks at our Church for the wonderful job they did on the props for VBS and for teaching our kids God's Word and Helping them open their hearts to Jesus more. Hats off to all of the Bethel Baptist Crew as well. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.
Until Next week. God Bless and have a Great Weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I'm tired just reading all that you did in one week! BBQ looked like fun, glad the weather held out for you. Awesome makeover - looks like simple do you can do easily at home! I hope you're 'chill' week is relaxing for you guys!