Friday, May 28, 2010

What we have been up to this week and what is coming up on the horizon.

Pin It Now!  This week has been very low key, we had a couple days where our car was in the shop, so on Monday we had to get all of our errands done, then the weather turned horribly hot and muggy, my MS and Heat do not mix, so we watched some educational videos, and did some science, wrapped up our Math for the school year, and we finished up our Language Arts, we will continue on through the Summer with Science, Reading,Social Studies and Bible. The boys will be signing up Tuesday for the Summer Reading Club at our library, they really make it fun for the kids to stay motivated with reading through out the Summer months. Vacation Bible School sign-ups are happening, this is about the time the boys plot their strategies to attend as many VBS locations as possible, which makes it chaotic for me but they enjoy it and are learning God's word so it is all for Good reasons. Our Church VBS is the week after Nick gets out of PS so no rest for the weary. This weekend we are headed to Greenfield Village on Saturday, we have a membership so it is so nice a cheap, educational outing that we all enjoy as a family. This weekend they have extended hours and they are having the Civil War re-enactment. This looks so cool, it was great that we signed up for alerts from the Museum, because they called and reminded us about this fun opportunity this week, I had almost forgotten all about it. Then on Sunday we are headed up to the Yacht Club for the Memorial Day Festivities and my Grandma is being honored as a Chartered Honorary Membe, she is the oldest living Member, according the Membership Roster. My Grandpa was one of the original Men who got the club started and off the ground. This is a huge honor for our whole family, the boys are looking so forward to it.  I will be sure to post pictures of it next week. The blessing of the Fleet is that day also to kick off the Official Start of Boating Season.
  What are you doing to celebrate and Honor Memorial Day. I would love to hear what you have been up to and your upcoming plans this coming Holiday.

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Sheri said...

Hi there-we'll miss ya, but hey, anniversaries are more important! :0) I will have the notes from both lectures posted on our scribd pages after the meeting, for those who want to download them. I am not sure what special needs you have in your home, but I am trying to get my TOS mate Penny to come and do a lecture (she has an autistic child) and she is a wealth of info. That may be a good speaker session for you-I am hoping she'll do it in the fall (I must convince her)...love the blog layout-looks new from what I remember...maybe not, but I visit lots of folks...:0) Enjoy your week and anniversary in a few weeks. God bless. Sheri