Friday, May 7, 2010

What is new around here!!

Pin It Now!  Well the major thing is we are Back ONLINE.  You truly do not know how dependant you are on technology until you are with out. I did manage to go somewhere for about an hour a day and do my "Must Haves" LOL. In other news we are chugging along in homeschool land. Ou rbutterflies have all passed on into their next life, the boys were so sad.  Our Traveling Duck project is underway and Bill the Duck made it all the way to Germany. He is resting but having a ball.  The boys extra activities are winding down for the year and things are getting calmer around here. Awanna is over for the year, next week is the annual end of the year Fun Fair, the kids are so looking forward to that, Alyx will be moving up to the Youth group starting the end of this month, they meet all summer, and poor Taylor is left behind in something else. The upside the boy sare joining the Challenger division of Little League Baseball, which is for Special Needs kids, they are so stoked about being able to play ball this year.
  We are heading out to the Zoo on Monday with another homeschool/church family the weather is supposed to be decent weather so we are hoping to see many more animals than we did on our trip there in the winter.
  Enrich has ended,altough they are going to be starting up park days so that will be fun to get to know some more families there. Here are some photos from Recognition Night from Enrich. Alyx graduated to the Jr.High/High School portion and recieved a certificate. There were also display tables for the different classes and Alyx's Walk Like an Egyptian Class and Taylor's Underground Railroad Class both had tables.

We are in the process of adding some much needed EXTRA Storage for our classroom and we will be painting the walls and kids and I will be doing some painted murals on the wall. We are so excited to Personalize our classroom instead of the white sterile walls.
Here is a peek at the stoarge we picked up

we got them on craigslist for a BARGAIN of only $40 for the 12 foot unit
putting them together is like a puzzle and they weigh a ton but are so sturdy that they will last forever
We have been garage ssale bargain hunting to build our library and also picked up a microscope set for only $3 and a National Geographic Thomas Edison Set for science for only $2
We are going to continue to hunt for deals all Summer long so we can start next year with some exciting new tools for school. We have also decided to do some sort of school 3 days a week all summer long, so that we keep focuses and excited about school.
Mother's Day is coming up and also My Birthday so this should be a fun week ahead.
I am also going to be getting some products to review next week and will follow with a giveaway or two or three from the companies I am reviewing for.
A Hint one of the Reviews and Giveways is for the New Corel Paint It program.
Also for Mother's Day I am getting a Custom Blog Makeover so be on the lookout for a Brand New LOOK for our Blog
Thanks for following and Stay Tuned for Exciting things to COME!!!

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