Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What have we been up to

Pin It Now!  Well the last couple weeks have been a little hectic, trying to wrap up our school year as far as what we HAVE to do, we have decided to do some school through the summer but it will be fun stuff but we will still have some structure this way. Dave was off from last Wednesday until yesterday, so that always throws us out of whack, but the nice thing was we just stuck around home finished our Spring cleaning and just kind of hung out. Nick has a month left until school is out, it will be so nice having him home with us. It is still so strange to me that he is not with us during the day. Certain things we have to plan for the weekends so he can be included. This summer it will not have to be like that. I am still shocked that I can possibly be the Mother of a soon to be High School Student, where on Earth has the years gone. I want them back LOL. I do not want my kids to grow up and leave me, at least I have 4 more years until Nick leaves for College. I will treasure them for always. We were watching old videos at my Mom's on Mother's Day and it was so funny to see the boys just learning to walk, or talk I feel as if it all has truly happened in the blink of my eyes. My Birthday was last Thursday I turned A ripe OLD 34. LOL
  I do not feel old until I look at my kids, the upside I went out with some friends and I ordered a drink which I rarely do, and I was carded, so it is all good.
  On another note we started doing product reviews as part of our economics studies and also green company reviews to tie into our Going Green as a school and family. It amazes me how receptive companies are to giving us products to try and sometimes products to giveaway to our readers. You can help me bring you more products to win by visiting my blog often and telling your friends to follow me as well.
 I want to thank all my readers who currently follow me, without you none of this would have been possible, and for that I am very grateful.
 Until next time

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