Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Homeschool Blog Hop 10 Favorite Subject to teach

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I would love to say my favorite subject is Science, which surprises me and everyone else since I was never really a science person when I was in school, We do not use any particular curriculum this year. We love doing hands on activities in science and I think maybe that is why I am loving teaching it so much this year . We are going to be using Step up and Be Green for Jesus for a Summer Science curriculum, I picked it up at Family Christian Book Store, it is meant to be a VBS set, but it goes so perfectly with our study on being green. The kids are getting excited we will be starting that unit in 2 weeks. We have decided to do school all year round doing 3-4 days a week the kids really need the structure. Years ago the doctors even suggested year round school as they say most kids with any form of Autism need and crave the structure. We like being relaxed about school and knowing if something comes up we can switch our days we do school, and we can school at camp if we decide to take off up to the campground for a couple weeks here and there.
In the Fall after Step Up and Be Green for Jesus is over we are going to be using Answers in Genisis for Science in combination with our hands on projects. I am looking forward to teaching Science from the Creation aspect. Something they definitely do not get in Public School.

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Debbie said...

I never enjoyed science in schools myself, but yes since we have been dabbling in science here at home with more hands on I must admit it is another subject I enjoy teaching and learning with Selena.

I agree with you on the year around approach to homeschooling well, in education as a whole. It sounds like we are on the same page on this area 3-4 days a week, maybe a little lighter on formal type schooling in the Summer only because we can go do the field trips and more hands on. Why does learning have to stop because of Summer? Thank you for sharing.