Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday GARDEN TIME

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4 thoughts shared:

Hen Jen said...

we are getting our garden going, too! Great photos!

H-Mama said...

Oh how fun! My oldest wants to do this. I'm afraid with all the refineries in our area that it may not do too well? Maybe we could try planting them in pots. Hmmmm... Such a great idea to make it a family effort. :)

Dana said...

Looks like a great start! What are you planning on planting? We just plowed our plot, but the clods need breaking up. Maybe over the next couple days since my hubby has a couple days off!

Fresh Start Academy said...

we actually started our plants off in starter trays
we have several kinds of tomatoes,cucumbers, green peppers,leaf lettuce,onions and spinach so far
once we get them planted we will see what room we have left, it has been getting too cold here at night still to plant them just yet