Friday, April 23, 2010


Pin It Now!     I will be giving a HUGE BOX of TASTEFULLY SIMPLE products away and also I will give a Tastefully Simple Prize to the person who sends the most followers my way.

 Be sure to have them leave a comment with who they were referred by.
I am a Tastefully Simple Consultant and I love their products, they make cooking Gourmet food SOOOOO Easy. Add 3 Ingredients or less or simply open and consumer or heat and you have Fabulous, Tasty food that you are sure you are going to want to share. It is great for family movie night, a nice Sunday Dinner with family or friends or when you need to take a dish to pass at a party or potluck. What better way than to WOW them and have not had to do much at all.
   SO if you would like to win this HUGE ASSORTMENT worth $100
then this is going to be the Giveaway for you. I am in need of 34 more followers to make this giveaway LIVE. I need your help and there is Tastefully Simple in it for you if you send me the most followers.

  Using Tastefully Simple Products is so easy even my 11 yr old son loves making their items, 2 nights in a row he made Beer Bread and Dip.
The Beer Bread is a great alternative to Movie Night Popcorn, all it takes is 1 can of beer or other carbonated beverage and 1 stick of butter. The dips are easy too 1/2c sour cream and 1/2 c. mayo and 2 TBSP of their seasoning mix, our favorite for the Beer Bread is Spinach and Herb and Garlic Garlic.
Be sure to follow me because once I hit 50 followers I will be announcing the contest and you will be able to enter to win and do not forget the person who refers the most followers will automatically win a $25 Surprise pack of Tastefully Simple goodies........ Stay Tuned .......

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I just signed up to follow you & will post this in my Giveaway Roundup today!