Monday, April 12, 2010

What a wondeful Way to Start Back to School

Pin It Now! We have been off the last almost 2 weeks First with my Godfather's Funeral and then Easter Break, Nick was home from school and there is no way to get any school done when he does not have school
But the boys and I were excited to get back to work since we have some fun projects planned for the next couple weeks. The first is last Tuesday our caterpillars arrived via USPS and we have been watching them grow over the last week.
 and then something exciting happened this morning of all days, our first day back to school, they started transforming into their Chrysallides.
So we started out Butterfly lapbooks today, they boys had so much fun putting these together, we will start filling out all the information tomorrow, we even watched an eyewitness DVD on Butterflies this morning while still in our PJS
Then after that we had lunch and then we went outside in the sunshine and started our unit on plants, we planted seeds in 56 starter pots and the boys had a blast, even Grandma joined us.
Then what better way to end a Fantastic School day GYM Class
Check out some of the stunts Taylor can do on teh Trampoline
Well That was our first day back to Homeschooling since March 30th, How did you do??

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