Friday, April 23, 2010

A week in Review..... BUSY BUSY

Pin It Now!  Well I do not know about the rest of you but we have Spring Fever here in our house and home school, BUT Michigan weather is being very unpredictable. One day it is in the 70's, the next it is in the 50's then the 80's, are you getting the picture?? We have had a frost advisory almost every day this week until 8 AM. I am ready for consistent warm weather, God? Are you listening? WARM WEATHER PLEASE!
  Monday our butterflies emerged from their chrysalis, and they are so pretty, except now that they are moving inside their home the cats are fascinated by them and they seem to not leave them be so I have had to seclude the poor butterflies in our room as that is the only room the cats do not go in because of our Water bed. So here is what our beauties look like...

Then on Tuesday we just did some school things to do with Earth week and we also finished up our butterfly lap books. We also came up with an idea for a wonderful traveling project and also found the perfect school Mascot, Barnsie Bear for Barnes and Nobles. He is going to attend school with us and attend our field trips.

Is he not the cutest?
We started a 2nd Blog, The Adventures of Barnsie and his Fresh Start Academy Friends
And follow our journey.
We are going to be sending 2 stuffed Mallard Ducks and journals and passports to other home school families around the USA and WORLD
Taylor's Duck is named WADDLES

And Alyx's Duck is named BILL

They are so cute.

Wednesday we went to the Cemetery with Grandma and Nana and Papa to plant flowers for Grandpa Wayne's 90th Birthday that was Wednesday. We miss him so much. Then we went out to lunch at Golden Corral and then Family Christian Book Store since we were out that way. Also we had Church at Night

Thursday was EARTH DAY, the day started off well, we headed out to Lakeside with our recyclable bottles and cans and headed to the Disney Store to get out Friends Making Change Earth Day Hats, they are so nice, the boys love them, we ate Lunch at the mall, and then came out to a flat tire, and a drill bit in the tire, so we had to call AAA and we ended up missing Enrich, the boys were so bummed as we only had yesterday and next Thursday left, but what was I supposed to do. We had to go get the tire fixed and then by the time we stopped at Old Navy to pick up our Earth Day 2010 shirts and stopped at AAA office to get Maps for our new project it was 4 PM
Alyx melted down when we arrived home, it was not a pretty sight. But that is life I guess.
Today we are laying low, we wanted to go to the Rochester Earth Day Fair but it doesn't start until 4PM so I think if the weather holds out we will go tomorrow or Sunday. The only downside to that is Dave has to work this weekend so he is not going to be able to go. We signed up for Michigan door to door Organic food delivery and it will start next Wednesday we are so excited. It is another step in our project of going green and natural. We also ordered the coolest thing from Family Christian Book Store, it is actually a VBS Curriculum but we are going to use it for our Summer Curriculum, we are doing fun school things all Summer long, to keep the kids engaged . It is called Step Up and Go Green for Jesus and it is really cool and so goes along with our Theme we are working on for Science and Social Studies. I cannot wait to get it in the mail. So today we are also trying to get our "DUCKS" in order to go on their journey. Making their passports, working on their Intro in their journal and things like that. This will be great for writing and Geography. It will go on all Summer as well.  I also signed the kids up for Little Passports, they thought  it looked neat and they are right on the edge of the recommended age but they are a little behind in Maturity and development and they were excited about it so all is well.
This weekend will be pretty low key as well. I think we are all a little frazzled and tired, if the weather stinks we may go see DisneyNature's Earth Day Movie OCEANS.
What are your plans? What have you been up to this week in school, I love to hear what others are working on too.

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