Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Clear Out the clutter Day 3 Master Bedroom

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I think the master bedroom is our biggest challenge as our old house We had a HUGE Master with our own bath and now we just have a small square room
I not only decluttered and cleaned our room but I also took the computer and desk out and moved it to the living room to make room for a much needed second dresser since we went from his/hers walk in closets to one tiny closet to share Yikes
so here are our before and after pics, we are waiting on a new dresser so there is still a small pile in the corner but much improved from before

bed before

dresser and desk before and huge pile
side wall and closet area
bed after and closet area after
Tv and dresser area after
my computer areaafter  -computer desk it was moved
no pile next to dresser anymore
new office area with my computer and desk in living room
a very tired helper after it was all over LOL I could not resist

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Kassandra Wood said...

GREAT JOB! We, too, down-sized when we moved. Which also meant going from a large bedroom with walk-in closets and it's own bath to a small house with one small closet. Great job in kicking that clutter! And, your little man is handsome... :D