Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Clear out the clutter DAY 1 Challenge Living Room , Hall and Coat Closets

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I am participating in the Clear the Clutter Challenege on MoneySavingMom
It is great motivation, Alyx is helping me and we did so awesome today. When we started homeschooling 2 months ago we have been only surface cleaning and not deep cleaning and feeling a little overwhelmed, then came the nice weather and who wants to stay home and spring clean when it is 70 and sunny out, certainly not us.Today was a rainy, stormy spring day so Open went the windows and a cleaning we did start and let me tell you, it was a workout and I feel so refreshed. So Thank YOU !! for the Challenge cant wait for Challenge 2
Here are our before and after pictures, todays challenge was the Living Room and the Hall Closet and the Coat Closet

This is the coat closet on the left and the hall linen closet on the right

This is the living room before
we threw out two bags this size of trash and things not worth donating or selling

and we have two avon boxes full for the garage sale

This is the hall linen closet after
we have organized and now have a basket full of first aid supplies so they are easier to locate when needed

a basket of travel size items for when we vacation and all the extra nebulizer machine accessories are in a bag on the top shelf, we also downsized the sheets to 2 sets per bed and are selling the rest in our garage sale

the coat closet after is now not a home to our extra bath towels and also all the winter coats migrated to the cedar closet upstairs for the spring and summer season so now there are only light weight coats in the closet and some light bulbs there is even an empty shelf , the entertainment center was decluttered of the toys and video games and they have all been neatly stowed in the cabinets below
the couch is free of anything that doesnt belong there
as well as both chairs
We were so proud to show Dave when he got home from work
I also dusted and used the attachements and did all the baseboards and all the furniture was moved as well
I got my exercise for the day I broke a sweat that was for sure
we cannot wait until step 2 of the challenge we are on a roll
I feel so much better starting School next week knowing all of our spring cleaning is DONE

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