Thursday, April 8, 2010

Clean out the Clutter Day 2 THE KITCHEN UGGH!!!

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Well today is day 2 of the challenge to declutter and clean our home this is our Spring cleaning as well as decluttering
I am following along from Money Saving Mom's Blog. If you have clutter you should join us there are even prizes involved which helps with the motivation
Today was cleaning out the kitchen including the cupboards, we stepped it up a notch and changed the direction of our table to see if it works better for us and we also moved the bakers rack, the water dispenser the fridge and the stove to sweep and steam every inch of the kitchen floor, and let me tell you after only being here 6 months I was so disgusted by what we found under the stove and fridge YUCK
well that is done and I feel better and we got rid of 3 bags of garbage and put away 1 box of items that I do not know why these things were in our kitchen LOL
the kids think anywhere is a place for anything WELL NOT ANYMORE
Here are our before and after pictures of our kitchen project

table before                                  bakers rack before

table after                                                             
stove and fridge after                               bakers rack after

sink and counter after

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Our Country Road said...

Great job momma!! I need to get in on this challenge. Lots of clutter to get rid of here :)