Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Pin It Now! Coupon savings again
Took advantage of Kmarts Super Double Coupons yesterday(april 6) and today and got all this loot for only $7.14
Then on Thursday we hit Super Kmart and cleaned up on the deals especially yougurts of different brands as they had instorre .50 coupons on them as well as my double coupons so I got things like danimals crush cups and danimals smoothies and the new dannoninos for less than .20 each
Then Yesterday we went to Target and Meijers, and CVS and this is what we got for only $20 because we also had 22.50 in extra care bucks from CVS so not only did we have coupons in essence we had FREE MONEY too just by purchasing our prescriptions and other misc. items there

Then after Dinner we headed to Toys R US and used a bunch of 7th Generation product coupons and took adavantage of the By one Get one for half off sale they were having and then much to my happiness they were also marked down from 3.99 to 1.98 so it made them 2/$3 with the sale and then with my coupons they were 2/$1
I was extatic until I ran out of coupons and they were out of most But I did end up with this lot of 7th Generation products, there is another wipes but it is in the basement in the classroom already so it is not pictured, Check it out

Gotta love it

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Abundant Living said...

Great job! You really got a lot for your money. =)