Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday GARDEN TIME

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

REVIEW You can be Everything God Wants you to be By Max Lucardo

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I was given the honor of reviewing the book "You can be Everything God wants you to be" by Max Lucado
and I want to start off by saying this little book packs a might punch to what you may think is your purpose on God's Earth. Have you ever wondered why you were placed here by God. What you really are supposed to be doing. Are you in the right career path, are you comfortable in your surroundings, is your family all that you had hoped for??  You really get to thinking what your true purpose is while reading this little book. It is a gift book so you may want to pick one up for yourself as well as give a copy to someone who may Need or Appreciate this thought provoking piece of reading material. I know I will be picking up an extra copy for my nephew who is graduating this coming June. I think everyone needs to truly know what their purpose in life is, and to find out where they truly fit in this journey we call life and I believe this is just the book to accomplish that. This book will be available at a retailer near you or online for a SRP of $14.99 which is a great price for a hardcovered gift book of this nature.
Here is a sample of a chapter from this book

At this very moment in another section of the church

building in which I write, little kids explore their tools.

Preschool classrooms may sound like a cacophony to you and

me, but God hears a symphony.

A five-year-old sits at a crayon-strewn table. He seldom

talks. Classmates have long since set aside their papers, but he

ponders his. The colors compel him. He marvels at the gallery

of kelly green and navy blue and royal purple. Masterpiece

in hand, he’ll race to Mom and Dad, eager to show them his

kindergarten Picasso.

His sister, however, forgets her drawing. She won’t consume

the home commute with tales of painted pictures. She’ll tell

tales of tales. “The teacher told us a new story today!” And the

girl will need no prodding to repeat it.

Another boy cares less about the story and the drawings and

more about the other kids. He spends the day wearing a “Hey,

listen to me!” expression, lingering at the front of the class,

testing the patience of the teacher. He relishes attention, evokes

reactions. His theme seems to be “Do it this way. Come with

me. Let’s try this.”

Find Your

And to one he gave five talents,

to another two,

and to another one,

to each according

to his own ability.

Matthew 25:25


Thomas Nelson has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for reviewing purposes, I was not compensated in any other way for my thoughts and the opinions expressed in this review are my own thoughts and words.

Inspirational Zingers Jumble by Christopher Hudson REVIEW

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 I was given the pleasure of reviewing Inspirational Zingers Jumble puzzle book and what a Suprise I got when it came in the mail, it is a big book, chock full of puzzles. They all relate to Bible stories which makes it a great tool to refresh your memory about certain Bible Stories and Psalms.
  I opened the package and immediately dove right into doing my first puzzle, some are easier than others but I actually got my children involved and made it a family affair.  We all truly enjoyed working on these puzzles, and it provided us with a couple hours of good, wholesome fmaily enjoyment until it was time for bed. It makes you think outside the box. You have to unscramble words with the help of given clues and there is a circled letter within each answer that you have to use to solve the Zinger and Mystery Answers. It really had me on a few and I am sure you will enjoy it as much as we are. It is so hard to find quality family fun at an affordable price, but this is definitely a winner in my book. It will retail for a SRP of $9.99 and you will be able to find this book at local bookstores or online starting May 2010. Pick one up for your family, you will be glad you did.

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my review of this book. This was my only compensation for this book.

2010 Schoolhouse planner

Pin It Now! Another valuable tool for homeschool families is the Schoolhouse planner from The Old Schoolhouse
It will make being an organized smooth running homeschool family so easy. It also includes inspiration on the many pages of the book, for a limited time they are offering a great special for this very unique planner and you will get a free E -BOOK as well. Their E-Books make learning so fun for my kids and I am sure if you try them out you will be able to say the same for your kids as well. Read below for further details of this great homeschool opportunity.

Home and school organization made easy! The 2010 Schoolhouse Planner is available and ready to help you plan your best homeschool year ever. With over 120 forms and 600 pages for home and school, everyone in the family can stay organized. You can even use the pages to make personalized organizers for each child. Plus, they've included recipes and helpful articles from homeschool experts.

If you order before midnight on April 30, you will receive a free gift--E-Book: The 2009 Planner Useful Excerpts--packed full of articles and recipes.
There are so many features, and this link has all of the information and the link to a 40+ page sample! Get organized now and receive the bonus E-Book

Schoolhouse planner for 2010

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Pin It Now!   After only homeschooling for a short time, I stumbled upon The old School house magazine and online store, they have proved to be invaluable to me as a home school mom. I love their magazine, ti gives me inspiration when I feel like giving up and also points me to other wonderful resources. For a limited time only you can get in on a great deal and recieve the same support I do.
Read below for further info


You can have a free Homeschooling with Heart tote bag. The above link will show you a picture, and give you all the details on how to get yours. You'll also receive some free E-Book resources worth over $70 when you subscribe--shipping is FREE to the U.S. Plus, you'll receive the Spring issue free! Hurry, there are a limited number of bags--when they're gone, they're gone
The FREE tote is made of poly-canvas with snap closures and shoulder-length handles. It's perfect for the library, a field trip outing, support group meeting, or homeschool convention! Its versatile design makes it the perfect bag to just throw over your shoulder and go!

Click here to get the details!
The Old School House Magazine

Monday, April 26, 2010

Coupon Savings from Green Giant

Pin It Now! I was given a coupon for Yummy Steam Fresh Veggies from Green Giant, in my family's opinion these are the next best thing to Fresh. We have a picky eater who only eats a few veggies so we always make sure we have Steam Fresh Veggies that he will eat too so we can make him some of his own. Before this wonderful invention, he often went without veggies at meal time because he would do not do can veggies at all. So I was so pleased when I happened upon these in my Grocers freezer case and the wonderful thing is many times these are offered on local sales for $1 a bag. Click here to Snag your Coupon http://www.bettycrocker.com/products/green-giant/?WT.mc_id=vanityurl_web_greengiant
Enjoy, this coupon was offered by https://pssst.generalmills.com/
Enjoy bringing your family Tasty Fresh Frozen Veggies Steamed to goodness in the matter of minutes !!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Pin It Now!     I will be giving a HUGE BOX of TASTEFULLY SIMPLE products away and also I will give a Tastefully Simple Prize to the person who sends the most followers my way.

 Be sure to have them leave a comment with who they were referred by.
I am a Tastefully Simple Consultant and I love their products, they make cooking Gourmet food SOOOOO Easy. Add 3 Ingredients or less or simply open and consumer or heat and you have Fabulous, Tasty food that you are sure you are going to want to share. It is great for family movie night, a nice Sunday Dinner with family or friends or when you need to take a dish to pass at a party or potluck. What better way than to WOW them and have not had to do much at all.
   SO if you would like to win this HUGE ASSORTMENT worth $100
then this is going to be the Giveaway for you. I am in need of 34 more followers to make this giveaway LIVE. I need your help and there is Tastefully Simple in it for you if you send me the most followers.

  Using Tastefully Simple Products is so easy even my 11 yr old son loves making their items, 2 nights in a row he made Beer Bread and Dip.
The Beer Bread is a great alternative to Movie Night Popcorn, all it takes is 1 can of beer or other carbonated beverage and 1 stick of butter. The dips are easy too 1/2c sour cream and 1/2 c. mayo and 2 TBSP of their seasoning mix, our favorite for the Beer Bread is Spinach and Herb and Garlic Garlic.
Be sure to follow me because once I hit 50 followers I will be announcing the contest and you will be able to enter to win and do not forget the person who refers the most followers will automatically win a $25 Surprise pack of Tastefully Simple goodies........ Stay Tuned .......

A week in Review..... BUSY BUSY

Pin It Now!  Well I do not know about the rest of you but we have Spring Fever here in our house and home school, BUT Michigan weather is being very unpredictable. One day it is in the 70's, the next it is in the 50's then the 80's, are you getting the picture?? We have had a frost advisory almost every day this week until 8 AM. I am ready for consistent warm weather, God? Are you listening? WARM WEATHER PLEASE!
  Monday our butterflies emerged from their chrysalis, and they are so pretty, except now that they are moving inside their home the cats are fascinated by them and they seem to not leave them be so I have had to seclude the poor butterflies in our room as that is the only room the cats do not go in because of our Water bed. So here is what our beauties look like...

Then on Tuesday we just did some school things to do with Earth week and we also finished up our butterfly lap books. We also came up with an idea for a wonderful traveling project and also found the perfect school Mascot, Barnsie Bear for Barnes and Nobles. He is going to attend school with us and attend our field trips.

Is he not the cutest?
We started a 2nd Blog, The Adventures of Barnsie and his Fresh Start Academy Friends
And follow our journey.
We are going to be sending 2 stuffed Mallard Ducks and journals and passports to other home school families around the USA and WORLD
Taylor's Duck is named WADDLES

And Alyx's Duck is named BILL

They are so cute.

Wednesday we went to the Cemetery with Grandma and Nana and Papa to plant flowers for Grandpa Wayne's 90th Birthday that was Wednesday. We miss him so much. Then we went out to lunch at Golden Corral and then Family Christian Book Store since we were out that way. Also we had Church at Night

Thursday was EARTH DAY, the day started off well, we headed out to Lakeside with our recyclable bottles and cans and headed to the Disney Store to get out Friends Making Change Earth Day Hats, they are so nice, the boys love them, we ate Lunch at the mall, and then came out to a flat tire, and a drill bit in the tire, so we had to call AAA and we ended up missing Enrich, the boys were so bummed as we only had yesterday and next Thursday left, but what was I supposed to do. We had to go get the tire fixed and then by the time we stopped at Old Navy to pick up our Earth Day 2010 shirts and stopped at AAA office to get Maps for our new project it was 4 PM
Alyx melted down when we arrived home, it was not a pretty sight. But that is life I guess.
Today we are laying low, we wanted to go to the Rochester Earth Day Fair but it doesn't start until 4PM so I think if the weather holds out we will go tomorrow or Sunday. The only downside to that is Dave has to work this weekend so he is not going to be able to go. We signed up for Michigan door to door Organic food delivery and it will start next Wednesday we are so excited. It is another step in our project of going green and natural. We also ordered the coolest thing from Family Christian Book Store, it is actually a VBS Curriculum but we are going to use it for our Summer Curriculum, we are doing fun school things all Summer long, to keep the kids engaged . It is called Step Up and Go Green for Jesus and it is really cool and so goes along with our Theme we are working on for Science and Social Studies. I cannot wait to get it in the mail. So today we are also trying to get our "DUCKS" in order to go on their journey. Making their passports, working on their Intro in their journal and things like that. This will be great for writing and Geography. It will go on all Summer as well.  I also signed the kids up for Little Passports, they thought  it looked neat and they are right on the edge of the recommended age but they are a little behind in Maturity and development and they were excited about it so all is well.
This weekend will be pretty low key as well. I think we are all a little frazzled and tired, if the weather stinks we may go see DisneyNature's Earth Day Movie OCEANS.
What are your plans? What have you been up to this week in school, I love to hear what others are working on too.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

HAPPY 40th Birthday EARTH DAY 2010 AND THE WINNER IS..........

Pin It Now! Ok here is the winner of our Recycle Center YOU must email me your mailing address so I can get this right out to you in the mail

True Random Number Generator

Min: 1

Max: 20



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crystalclearsavings.info said...

I am a follower (Crystal)

crystalclearsavings at gmail dot com

April 19, 2010 1:01 AM
CONGRATS CRYSTAL I will be sending an email so you can email me back your address
Thank You all for playing and be on the lookout for two more giveaways within the next week

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Blog and New project for homeschooling PLEASE READ and HELP

Pin It Now! We have started an Adventure in our Homeschool and are looking for other homeschool Families to help in our journey

Looking for Homeschool Hosts to help with a project

Friday, April 16, 2010

My kitchen makeover

Pin It Now! Our kitchen was in a major need of a facelift, all you saw was off white, YUCK
Now it is bright, cheery and very inviting
Here are some before and after pictures

this is a close up of the material for the curtains and basket liner for the table

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

wordless wednesday

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our First Giveaway

Pin It Now! I am so excited to be able to announce our first Giveaway, and there will be many more to come.
Today we are giving away this awesome recycling center from Avon Products. We purchased 2 of these one for our family and 1 to give away in celebration of Earth Day. I will be picking a random winner using random.org on April 22nd Earth Day
you have until Midnight April 21st to submit your entries.
 You have 3 ways to win
REQUIRED method of entry
1. be a public follower of my blog, and leave a comment with your name
additional entries
2. leave a seperate comment with what you are doing to be a "green" family or something you are doing in honor of Earth Day 2010
3.Blog about this giveaway and leave the link to your post here!!
Good Luck to all

Todays Adventures in school

Pin It Now! Well we had tons of errands to do this morning along with Dave working a later shift which always throws our routine off
SO we started the day off by dropping dave off at work at 9 am and doing our weekly grocery shopping
then we had to go to the post office to mail a box, get Gramas prescription, fax some papers at office depot and we ate breakfast/lunch out. We did a good deed for an elderly lady at the PO, she did not/coould not manage well and it was raining so she flagged us down, handed me a $20 and asked us to get her business envelopes that already have postage on them, now me who does not do much mailing did not even know they had such a thing, I returned with her items and she gave each of the boys a $1 even thoug I told her numerous times It was not necessary, she would not takeno for an answer, the kids were pleased as punch, we immediately went to Mc D to get a icecream with their money.
Then we returned home, to start school, UGGH at NOON!! Needless to say we were not in the mood to do much, but we did transfer our Butterfly chrysallides to their new habitat.
Then we watched Adventures in Odyssey , so mom could sit and relax a bit.
Then we had our Science/cooking class
We made homemade Whipped cream for our dessert tonight and then the rest we turned into butter for dinner tonight. The kids thought it was very cool.

Clear Out the clutter Day 3 Master Bedroom

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I think the master bedroom is our biggest challenge as our old house We had a HUGE Master with our own bath and now we just have a small square room
I not only decluttered and cleaned our room but I also took the computer and desk out and moved it to the living room to make room for a much needed second dresser since we went from his/hers walk in closets to one tiny closet to share Yikes
so here are our before and after pics, we are waiting on a new dresser so there is still a small pile in the corner but much improved from before

bed before

dresser and desk before and huge pile
side wall and closet area
bed after and closet area after
Tv and dresser area after
my computer areaafter  -computer desk it was moved
no pile next to dresser anymore
new office area with my computer and desk in living room
a very tired helper after it was all over LOL I could not resist