Monday, February 15, 2010

Life is suddenly falling into place

Pin It Now! It has been very hectic around here hence my absence from my blog, Alyx has been having another rough spot with school and Taylor has not adjusted well to his new school either, So we after years of contemplating it have decided to take the PLUNGE and homeschool the both of them starting tomorrow.  I have felt a sudden burden lifted as soon as I made this decision final. We have did a haul over of the basement and made our school room, Yesterday Dave and I went shopping out at Lakeshore Learning and Family Christian Book Store and we are all set to begin tomorrow when Nick returns to school from winter Break.  The boys are so excited they wanted to start today but I need to recover from the weekend I came home feeling sick sinus issues, sore throat and need to just regroup today plus my Tastefully Simple Open house is tonight I am so excited to kick off my business. Officially. I am still continuing my weight loss journey as slow it has been I am still down after all the chaos but I am vowing to get back on the horse full speed ahead.  I joined the Macomb Chrisitan Homeschool group and was happy to find many people I know there. It helps to know I am not alone on this journey. We are attending our first homeschool field trip/Valentine's party on Wednesday at a Gymnastics place by our old house, the kids are oh so excited.
The boys have decided we needed a school name so Drum roll Please how fitting the name

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