Monday, January 11, 2010

my Blog for Sunday

Pin It Now! Today was a busy day
First I will start off by saying I was down another pound
My day started off very early Dave had to be to work at 6 AM, came home never went back to sleep
Then at 930 I picked up one of my red hat sisters, JD who is without a car, she was in an accident last week
we did some errandsand then met up with the rest of the girls to see the movie "its complicated", it was one of the funniest movies I have seen in a while
then we went to lunch and shopping at the thrift stores one of our favoritehobbies I was so excited to find some great deals and am always amazed how much more I truly enjoy shopping. I was very excited to get home and find that some of the items I had bought hoping to fit into them soon fit perfectly now
I do have 2 dresses for spring that one I can already get into,but it is snug in the bust and the other will be another month or so
then it was off to Heathers TS Party
Had a lot of fun, and left agreeing to sign up as a consultant How do I always do that LOL
it will be fun and a new adventure
until later

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