Thursday, January 7, 2010

MWLC Day 4

Pin It Now! Well today was the last weigh in of the 3 day cleanse and let me tell you I was so glad for that 3 days to be history
I can do diets I dontcrave hardly anything but when you are told you can only have raw greens, red meat, 2 half oranges and water for 3 days I was wanting everything and anything but I pushed through it and my reward was another 2 lbs down
so 5.5 lbs over 3 days of the weigh in
I am on cloud nine
finally broke and fully got away from the 250 mark and let me tell you there is no way I am going back there it is only donw down down
I also hit the 30 lb mark of weight lost since I started this slow journey last January 4th
But it feels so good
my "skinny"jeans are not too loose on  me and I donated another kitchen trash bag of my old clothes to the schools clothes closet again today
it feels wonderful to be helping others while I am helping myself
But I am not buying any more clothes until the end of the month
I was also down 5lbs since last weigh in since the wednesday night east pointe biggest loser club
next week the next season  starts on tuesdays and Dave and Steph are doing it too
we  have 2 weeks left of the wednesday night class  and I am still in the lead so there is my money to buy new clothes
well until tomorrow
keep on moving

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