Tuesday, January 5, 2010

MWLC Day 2

Pin It Now! Ok so yesterday I went to weigh in and started my 3 day cleanse
Yesterday I was 251.5 down a half since last thursday so I was happy since we had gone out to eat 2 x over the new year so I was down suprised but happy
Today Day 2 of my cleanse I went to weigh in after I took the kids to school and Bamm! I was down 2 pounds from yesterday at 930 so in less than 24 hrs
I am stoked to say the least I am really believing in my self that I can do this and accomplish my goal by the end of the summer
Next school year will be a year of changes for a lot of us in this family
Nick goes to highschool
Taylor goes to middle school and I will be skinny for the first time in  many years

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