Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 5

Pin It Now! Bummer is all I have to say
I was up 1.5lbsbut they assured me it was normal and I am still down 4.5 for the week which doesnt officially end till monday
I was there at 1030 which explains a little normally I go first thing before anything enters my mouth well I was up at 530 this am hoping for a snow day that didnt happen so by 730 I was starving ate my breakfast and at 10 had a snack bar and had consumed 16oz of water
so anywho
went to curves for my monthly weigh in and measure and was down 6lbs there scale has always been alittle off and was down 6 inches so that makes it a total of 221/2 inches YAHOO!!
So that improved my mood lol and I am going to weigh in tomorrow as soon as they open

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