Monday, January 11, 2010

my Blog for Sunday

Pin It Now! Today was a busy day
First I will start off by saying I was down another pound
My day started off very early Dave had to be to work at 6 AM, came home never went back to sleep
Then at 930 I picked up one of my red hat sisters, JD who is without a car, she was in an accident last week
we did some errandsand then met up with the rest of the girls to see the movie "its complicated", it was one of the funniest movies I have seen in a while
then we went to lunch and shopping at the thrift stores one of our favoritehobbies I was so excited to find some great deals and am always amazed how much more I truly enjoy shopping. I was very excited to get home and find that some of the items I had bought hoping to fit into them soon fit perfectly now
I do have 2 dresses for spring that one I can already get into,but it is snug in the bust and the other will be another month or so
then it was off to Heathers TS Party
Had a lot of fun, and left agreeing to sign up as a consultant How do I always do that LOL
it will be fun and a new adventure
until later

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 6 feeling much better

Pin It Now! today has been a great day I got up at 9 got dressed and Alyx went with me to weigh in
I was down 2 lbs for a total of 6.5 so far for the week my goal is -10 by  monday 3.5 more pounds in 2 days I think I can
I would feel so accomplished to pull a double digit for the week ;)
Dave and I took the kids to the library and then we headed off to the gym
I went on a treadmill at 13 incline 3 mph for 20 minutes boy did I feel the burn today
then it was off to the pool for 30 minutes of water aerobics, then we sat in the hottub for 115 minutes it was very hot today
i am feeling great very  energized today

Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 5

Pin It Now! Bummer is all I have to say
I was up 1.5lbsbut they assured me it was normal and I am still down 4.5 for the week which doesnt officially end till monday
I was there at 1030 which explains a little normally I go first thing before anything enters my mouth well I was up at 530 this am hoping for a snow day that didnt happen so by 730 I was starving ate my breakfast and at 10 had a snack bar and had consumed 16oz of water
so anywho
went to curves for my monthly weigh in and measure and was down 6lbs there scale has always been alittle off and was down 6 inches so that makes it a total of 221/2 inches YAHOO!!
So that improved my mood lol and I am going to weigh in tomorrow as soon as they open

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pictures of my weight loss journey

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April 25 2009

January 7 2010 30lbs lighter
froma 30/32 shirt to a 14/16 and a size 26 jeans to a 20
over 20 inches lost since October 4th
January 7 2010 side profile 30lbs lighter

MWLC Day 4

Pin It Now! Well today was the last weigh in of the 3 day cleanse and let me tell you I was so glad for that 3 days to be history
I can do diets I dontcrave hardly anything but when you are told you can only have raw greens, red meat, 2 half oranges and water for 3 days I was wanting everything and anything but I pushed through it and my reward was another 2 lbs down
so 5.5 lbs over 3 days of the weigh in
I am on cloud nine
finally broke and fully got away from the 250 mark and let me tell you there is no way I am going back there it is only donw down down
I also hit the 30 lb mark of weight lost since I started this slow journey last January 4th
But it feels so good
my "skinny"jeans are not too loose on  me and I donated another kitchen trash bag of my old clothes to the schools clothes closet again today
it feels wonderful to be helping others while I am helping myself
But I am not buying any more clothes until the end of the month
I was also down 5lbs since last weigh in since the wednesday night east pointe biggest loser club
next week the next season  starts on tuesdays and Dave and Steph are doing it too
we  have 2 weeks left of the wednesday night class  and I am still in the lead so there is my money to buy new clothes
well until tomorrow
keep on moving

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

MWLC Day 3

Pin It Now! well today is the last day of the 3 day cleanse diet
I was down 1.5 lbs for a totalweight loss of 4 lbs since new years eve
I also attended the nutrition class and got all my info and my supplements so tomorrow starts the real thing
will be weighing in tomorrow also so that will be the last weigh in for my cleanse
so far the cleansing weight loss is 3.5 lbs  yesterdays and todays totals combined

wordless wednesday

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

MWLC Day 2

Pin It Now! Ok so yesterday I went to weigh in and started my 3 day cleanse
Yesterday I was 251.5 down a half since last thursday so I was happy since we had gone out to eat 2 x over the new year so I was down suprised but happy
Today Day 2 of my cleanse I went to weigh in after I took the kids to school and Bamm! I was down 2 pounds from yesterday at 930 so in less than 24 hrs
I am stoked to say the least I am really believing in my self that I can do this and accomplish my goal by the end of the summer
Next school year will be a year of changes for a lot of us in this family
Nick goes to highschool
Taylor goes to middle school and I will be skinny for the first time in  many years

Monday, January 4, 2010

Our New House the one we actually took

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Our Home
The side view from our corner lot
the family photo wall above our couch in the living room
the front door, my curio cabinet and entertainment center

the boys room upstairs in the bungelow

The perfect way to celebrate the holidays; Chrismas in our new home

New Year New Me

Pin It Now! Well we made it here we are a New Year a New Decade and a Journey to a new me that started with a half hearted attempt to make life altering changes last New Years But here I am exactly a Year later and I am a 1/4 of the way to my ultimate goal
I am down 30 lbs and over 20 inches but I am not even close to being done
I have over 60 more inches to lose and another 90 lbs
Today I start phase 3 of my journey
Medical Weight Loss Clinic
They "guarantee"me that I will lose my remaining 90 lbs in 30 weeks
so we will see as I was just hoping for the end of 2010 but 30 weeks is in the middle of this summer
I would be extatic I am still motivated but did lose a little uummpph over the holidays but still managed to lose a 1/2 pound last monday
Today is my last weigh in at WW and the first day of my 3 day Cleanse at MWLC
Lord give me the added strength I need to succeed in this task as this is for me and in return is for my family also
I will be a better Mom and a better wife when I succeed at my goal as I will feel better physically and emotionally and I will be more confident and have better self esteem
160 here I come