Sunday, November 15, 2009

update my weightloss journey

Pin It Now! UPDATE 11-16-09
I joined curved this morning and I am going back at 4 formy first training appt

well with a new home,came a new start for all of us but for me it meant a serious start on losing all this extra weight from the kids
we have been every week for the last 5 weeks either adding something good in or taking something bad out
I am down 10 pounds in 5 weeks and down 25  from january so I feel I am  on a good path
the bad things out
1. soda in the house
we only drink soda when we are out and even then we are limited to the one glass
2. no added salt the salt shaker has been removed
3.no chips or junk
4. no more MCD sweet tea
 I am sure there is more but I cant think  of any right now

the GOOD things in
1. whole grains snacks,pastas and breads
2. plenty of bottled water and non sweetened tea
3. I have been drinking one cup of warm green tea in the morning with my first meal which is lately been protein shakes made with silk soy milk, protein shake mix and fruit
I also drink one every other day in place of lunch and
a protein snack in between meals
this is usually 3 egg whites,cottage cheese, a meat stick or a protein bar if i am on the run

I have been walking with friends at least 3-4 days a week but try to do something everyday
we got biggest loser for wii a couple weeks ago for $20 at KMART and I love it and so does alyx
alyx has slimmed down so much he is looking great too

I joined and paid for 12 weeks of WW so i have no excuse not to go stephanie joined with me so we are WL buddies
I alsojined the Eastpointe biggest loser weight loss challenge
I have already gained so much from this program that I have  lready decided I am doing level 2when this is over
they will be measuring us this week as this is our 4th week
they also pay money out tohighest percentage of WL to places 1,2 and 3 and to most inches lost places 1,2 and 3
so far I am in the lead and it has really motivated me
well I will check in wednesday night to let you all know how I do
my goal is another 50 lbs by the time kids get out of school for the summer then another 40 by the time school starts next fall and i will be at my goal weight
I know I can do it I just need to stay focused and not let the cold winter weather slow me down

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