Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A brush with the president

Pin It Now! It was a normal tuesday in the neighborhood, we were out and about running errands, took hubby to work, picked up Alyx's new glasses and were on the way to Base to pick up our new military Id Pass because low and behold ours expired last week and we needed a new one for tomorrow night's meeting well here we are driving down the road and I thought to myself and said to the kids do you see how low that plane is flying, we are staring in amazement as I litterly thought it was going to land on the freeway in front of us and realized it was heading towards the base, when I almost peed my pants it was AIRFORCE ONE
Holy Smokes the President is landing at the base while we are there, there was security everywhere, we were questioned as we got of the car if we were actually there for military business, the kids were in AWE, even though we really did not get to see him personally his plane was so close to us it was very exciting
the kids have not stopped talking about how cool it was
too bad I did not have my camera I seriously think I would have pulled over on the freeway zoomed in and snapped a shot OH WHAT A SCRAPBOOK PAGE that would have been

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