Friday, April 17, 2009

With Spring comes hope and possibilities

Pin It Now! I find myself feeling so much better about everything now that the weather is breaking, I am not so down, I feel hopeful that we will make it all the way to October with no issues and be left with a Huge Blessing in time for all the winter holidays, byt he way everything is going well in that department, but I am still cautiously optimistic.
The Boys are doing wonderful, only minor bumps along the way. Alyx is excited for all the end of school 5th grade festivities, we just got done with 5th grade camp. He is working hard on his community service for YM so he can get promoted next month to LCPL , he is also so happy that Nick has joined him on his YM Journey and Hopeful with Alyx being a LCPL he will get to read his brother's warrant at Boot Camp Graduation, or at the least be in the color guard for that ceremony it would make me so Proud.
Taylor is even getting excited about school they have his ultimate field trip coming up, they are going toe the Bosco Cheese Stick Factory. They are also going to the Detroit Science Center but he is not real excited about there, when he was in 1st grade he went on a field trip there and they kind of lost him, he has sadly never been back but he is facing his fears and going on this trip, so hopefully it will be a postive experience and we can then renew our membership and start going again.
Nick is doing well in school he brought all his grades up and hopefully his temporary lapse in judgement about school has disappeared and we are back on track for good. I think he sees the light at the end of the tunnel with his Teacher from you know where, and we will end on a good note to start the last year of Middle school off on the right foot.
It makes me sad to know that my first born will be starting highschool in a year and a half, I honestly wonder ever day where the time has gone. And I often think of would would of been, what if his twin had survived, what if they had not revived Nick, what if he would have choked to death that day in the car on the way to Tommy Crandalls House, I have to say that was one of the few times I was Thankful and grateful that my mom was with us, she saved his life, and I panicked right there in the middle of Jefferson in front of the library, does that make me an incompetent mother? I like to hope not, I have gotten better about reacting to crisis situations it comes with the territory but that was my first and I failed and I will always remember the feeling of helplessness. I just thank God everyday for Nick, well for all my boys, they have all overcome so much in there lives starting with the womb. But Nick just seems to have nine lives and always worry about him especially. He is becoming quite the young Man, he has slimmed down, from all the skateboarding, and he is now 5ft 4in and with his fresh haircut I often invison him a grown man and am so happy that he is so handsome, and has such a great easygoing personality, he has a great well rounded energy, that makes it so easy to love him, I hope he finds someone in life that will appreciate him for all his qualities he posseses.
Well enough of that I wan to be upbeat and it seams like when I start writing here I start reliving the past and it brings back bad memories along with the good. SO I will sign off for now. And promise to chat later

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