Monday, March 23, 2009

Life is moving way to fast

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Well it has been a while since I logged on to post, there is so much to tell that I dont know where to start so this might end up a rambling mess lol.

Lets start with Alyx, he is doing exceptionally well this year, better than I could have ever imagined, straight A's, progressing in Young Marines, and Now he has been nominated for the Higgins Wall of Fame, he is actually being presented with his certificate tomorrow at the PTC meeting, he was nominated for his Outstanding Positive Behavior by the Behavior support team and his picture has been hanging in the gathering space by the office this whole month, I cried when I received the letter in the mail, a year ago I would have never dreamt that possible.Also Alyx went to his first Dance on Friday and it was to put it mildly a success. I even got pictures of him and I dancing, cant wait to scrap these on friday.

Nickalas is next, it has been a rough growing year, he is slowly returning to MY NICK, he is just growing so fast and I think it is scaring him too, his grades have been rough all year up until this 3rd card marking the only thing keeping him off the honor roll is the teacher from hell, I honestly can say I agree with him on that one, I cant wait for summer. I find as my kids get older I look forward to having them home all summer, although they will all be having their own mini vacations this summer with out me and Dave I am still happy to have them home, on a positive note Nick has joined the Young Marines, I think it will do the relationship between the Nick and Alyx a world of good, they have never had much in common and this will level the field somewhat. We will see how it goes.
Last but certainly not least, Taylor, as usual Taylor is Taylor. His teacher even agrees. we are all hopeful that he will mature over the summer, and make great strides next year in time to get it together for middle school the following year, he is very mooody, and I am thinking at his upcoming visit it may be time for a med change. He will be going camping this summer with my dad while the older kids are away at YM camp.

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