Thursday, January 8, 2009

Weight watchers and Wii Fit

Pin It Now! Well then I have once again joined WW, lets just hope that Dave does not lose his job like the last 2 times I have signed up, I hope it is not an Omen. MY first goal is to lose 15 pounds, I have decided that if I do small manageable goals I may be more apt to stick with it and not give up, so My overall goal is 110 pounds but we are just going to chip away at it 15lbs at a time
We also Finally found the Wii Fit today and we purchased it and LOVE it. I am sorry we did not buy it sooner, I am hoping to get in a pattern of working out with it for 30 minutes every morning monday through friday and then just playing with the kids will give me my work out on the weekends. I just hope my MS doesnt let me down. The kids are enjoying it as well and I am hoping since they do not get out as much in the winterthat this will make exercise seem like fun and they will WANT to do it, so far so good.
SO I will check in here once a week on WW meeting day and post my weight loss or GOD FORBID Gain and my progress. Here is to a healthy new year and a new start to a healthy life

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