Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 List of things to accomplish

Pin It Now! Well it is that time of year again and It is time to start Fresh, so here is MY TO DO list for 2009!

1.I definitely need to get back to scrappin!! First of all it is something I plan on giving my Children when they marry and lets face it My time is running out LOL, and second of all, it is my therapy and my ME time, I come back from scrapping a much calmer and much more relaxed person and Refreshed to start again. (Yeah, I have jumped right in and am back to scrappin, Nat and I went last friday and time flew and I got a ton done, we were so pumped we signed up to go again this friday and heather(dave R) boss is going with us) it should be fun we met a few nice ladies too. Bonus)

2.Try not to stress about having another baby, if God wants it to happen for us then it will.

3.To continue with Dave and I's newly renovated marriage, which includes more US time, more family times, and Date night, I also want to keep the spark alive and starting with Valentines Surprise him with little get aways every few months, NO KIDS ALLOWED LOL

4.Back to weight watchers, I want to be healthier, I want to get back to walking a couple times a week, back to eating right and NO FAST FOOD (well I have gone back to weight watchers and will weigh in today! I got fast food yesterday for the 1st time in 1 week, granted I ate a grilled chicken wrap, but it made me sick all day, so I have learned that my stomach issue is directly contributed to the bad food choices I was making, so wont be doing that again.)

5.Get more organized, my house used to be meticulously organized and orderly and ever since I was diagnosed with MS, one bad thing after another has plagued our family which in turn has caused our house to become disheveled, THIS IS GOING TO STOP, starting when the kids go back to school on Monday. Great time to purge when there are no little voices telling me, BUT MOM. (we are going to help the clutter issue by getting a storage unit tomorrow, and all the baby clothes were sorted into rubber maids so they are all going, also the baby gear, and all the christmas and holiday bins to give us more room in the closets and also my wheelchair and walker so that gets out of the laundry room, this should help us start the organizing process, the more big things out of the way will give us room and show us what needs to be packed away and thrown away.) (UPDATE got the storage unit and have moved all the baby items to it and will work on christmas bins and summer clothes bins this week, I feel so much better already)

6.We are trying to be more calm as parents and I want us both to continue to be calm effective parents.

I know there is more, so as I think of them Iwill add on to this list.

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