Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to my eldest son, Nick

Pin It Now! I am sitting here wondering where the last 12 years have gone. It is hard to believe that you are turning 12 today. I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday, the fact that you almost didn't make it still haunts my dreams at night. We have been through a lot over the years and I can only Thank You for all that you have put up with and that even through it all you have become such a fine young man in spite of all our hardships. I thank you for your patience when your brothers always had to come first and we could not do something because they would not handle it. I thank you for all your help when I need it you are the first one in line to lend a hand. You have had to grow up so fast in a lot of ways but you have never once complained, ok maybe once but I dont blame you and I personally would have complained a lot more than you. I love who you have become and that we have such great conversations that only you and I are privy too. I enjoy watching you with your friends and watching you skateboard, even though it make me a nervous wreck, You are so talented in so many diverse areas, sports, your music, your studies and you are a very well liked young man among your peers and everyone that comes across your path, I beam with pride when parents commend me on how well mannered and behaved and mature you are, that they are glad that their children are your friend. I would like to think that it was entirely my doing as a parent but I know that I only had a small hand in it. I think God had a plan for you, you are the one that keeps me sane amongst our daily chaos, and the one that perks me up when I am feeling overwhelmed, I look forward to our quality time together when we just hang out. I know that slowly you are going to slip away and I treasure the time we spend together just as if it is our last, Life is short dont you ever forget that, SING like no one is listening and DANCE like no one is watching and LIVE your life to the fullest, LAUGH at all the things that don't matter,and most inportantly LOVE with all that you have and more.
Happy 12th Birthday baby, Momma loves you

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