Sunday, November 30, 2008

My first blog on this site!

Pin It Now! This is an intro to me as I get accustomed to this site, I have been blogging on myspace but since I switched to facebook I dont go to myspace and there really is no place to blog on facebook, I also used to blog a long time ago on scrapbook site.
This year school is going so much better Alyx's new meds are working wonders it is like a totally different kid, he has become so much more social and he joined the 5th grade choir, his christmas concert is this tuesday. He is in the Macomb County Young Marines, He has his last boot camp this wednesday and then the week after Graduation, I am so proud of how far he has come and what a GREAT young man he is becoming, I love being around him now that everything is calmer, in return for him being less nuts, it has made me less nuts, I guess that is a bad way to look at it but it is hard to explain, I just lived through it, barely. Last year was a disaster but this year so makes up for the struggles we went through. I love seeing him happy, and my other children are much happier now because we are not dealing with the everday chaos and destruction. On the flipside, my MS is not faring well It started with a bad infection, I had come down with strep throat, double ear infection and a sinus infection, and it has been all down hill from there. Then I made the stupid mistake of once again going to stand in line all night at Toys R Us thanksgiving night and that did it I spent all afternoon friday, all day saturday and this morning in bed. My balance is shot my foot drop is back, which means back to the leg braces UGGH I hate those, and back to my lofstrand crutches at best my husband thinks for safety reasons I should go back to my chair but I refuse at this point to give in,on Monday I may have to start back on IV solumedrol. I hate that too. Lets just face it I Hate having MS, Everyone always tells me what a great positive outlook I have on my disease and my childrens, BUT the reality is I Just am really good at hiding it all from the outside world.

sorry for the mispelled words run on sentences and rambling, hard to do all this while all this is going on in my body.
Chat more later,

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